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Pipeline Accessories

Manufacturer and exporter of pipeline accessories, gas pipeline accessories, medical pipeline accessories that includes vacuum regulators, terminal units, control flowmeter.

Pipeline Accessories Self Sealing Valves & Accessories Pipleline Accessories

Self Sealing Valves & Accessories

Self sealing valves (Schrader type)
We are manufacturers & Exporters of Self sealing valves (Schrader type) & other accessories.
It is available in the following types.
Nitrous Oxide
The outlet points from which gases & vacuum are drawn are of self sealing typ e and hav e non-interchangeable outlet fittings. The supply is established simply by inserting the appropriate safet y key plug into the orifice of the outlet point and pressing it home until it locks in position. To break the connection, the milled collar round the orifice is rotated a few degrees to the right, when the safet y key plug is automatically ejected and the gas flow is cut off.

Safety key plugs (type)
We Manufacture & Exports Safety key plugs (type), Which are non-interchangeable like the self sealing valves and thus eliminate the possibility of errors in making connections.
Nitrous Oxide
Air - Vaccum

Minimum contact gauges & Gas Failure Alarm for pipelines
We Manufacture Minimum Contact Guages which has electrical contacts. It should be connected to the pipeline gas failure alarm which has two signal lights, a buzzer & an “ON/OFF” switch.
When the contact gauge is connected to the power supply and the ON/OFF switch of the alarm is switched “ON”, green light will show indicating that the electrical supply serving the contact gauge & alarm are working correctly. The green light should show at all times when the pipeline is in use. The other signal light viz red is a warning light which automatically shows & the buzzer rings when the pressure in the running cylinder has fallen to a determined value. Put the switch to “OFF” position after which the reserve cylinder should be brought into operation
promptly to ensure continuity of supply.
250kg/cm2 High Pressure, Oxygen, Dia 100mm
10kg/cm2 Low Pressure, Oxygen, Dia 100mm
Pipeline Gas Failure Alarm.

Self Sealing Accessories
We Manufacture & Exports Self Sealing Accessories , which includes Button cover , ‘S’ Bracket , Plastic covers for self sealing valves , Plastic saddles , Brass Elbows & Tees.
Button cover
To keep the cov ers in position on the ‘S’ bracket.
‘S’ Bracket
For connecting the down drop pipes to self sealing valves.
Plastic covers for self sealing valves
Oxygen - Nitrous Oxide
Air - Vaccum
Coloured coded text for respective self sealing valves to safe guard against the possibility of administering the wrong gas.
Plastic saddles
10mm OD
16mm OD
28mm OD
For surface mounting pipes of different sizes, firmly on the wall.
Brass Elbows
15mm x8mm
15mm x 15mm
Brass Tees
15 x 15 x 8mm
15 x 15 x 15mm

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