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Emergency First Aid Kit

Manual Resuscitator

Manual Operated resusitator with double inlet valves For Air & Oxygen Attachments.

Automatic Resuscitator

It is penumatically controlled, time cycled, flow adjustable, positive pressure Ventilator to meet all emergency situations for respiratory support. Easy to operate with Inspiratory, Expiratory & Flow adjustments for breathing frequency of adults & Children for Standard Accessories:
Technical Data:
Tidal Volume 100ML-1650ML.-Frequency 8-30 Resp. per Min.-Insp. 7
Exp. Ratio 1:1 1:7. - Source 50
PSI Oxygen.

Infusions, Dressings And Others

Oxygen Inhalation

Oxygen flow Control from 0 to 10Lt./Min. Simply turning by 02 knob. Supplied With Nasal Oxygen cathetor, Adult & Child poly masks and Ventimask for Concentration of Air & Oxygen with Tubings.

Suction Pump

Manually operated Suction Pump to aspirate the mucus, blood or other secrations from the entire airways of Adult, Child or Infants. It can also be operated from Gases by simply turning the suction knob. Supplied with suitable Suction Catheter.

Intubation Set

Diagonastic Instruments

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