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Gas Anaesthesia Apparatus, Components & Accessories

Manufacturers and suppliers of a range of gas anaesthesia apparatus, gas anaesthesia components and gas anaesthesia accessories.

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Rota Meter

Rotameter Unit (Without Tubes)
We are manufacturers & Exporters of Rotameter Unit (Without Tubes).
The Following are Operating Principles of Rotameter Unit (Without Tubes) :
A housing for Rotameter tubes. The flow control is obtained by needle valves which can be easily distinguished from one another by touch & colour. Easy to read large size scales with fluorescent illumination, allow inside bobbins to be accurately read.
Accomodates one 230mm tube.
Accomodates two 230mm tubes.
Accomodates three 230mm tubes

Rotameter Tube & Bobbin
We Provide the accessories of Rotometer Units i.e Rotameter Tube & Bobbin . The details are given below.
Oxygen 0.1 to 10.0 ltr/min,100 to 10000 cc/min.
Nitrous Oxide 0.2 to 12.0 ltr/min , 200 to 12000 cc/min.
Air 0.1 to 12.0 ltr/min , 100 to 12000 cc/min.
Oxygen 0 to 1.0 ltr/min , 0 to 1000 cc/min.
Dual tapered calibrated tube calibrated at 20OC & 1013mbar abs.
Bobbin Float : Aluminium alloy anodised red, with silver dot for easy observation of rotation.
Operation of the tubes can be easily confirmed by checking the location of flowmeter bobbin & by seeing the rotation of the bobbin

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