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Pipeline Accessories

Manufacturer and exporter of pipeline accessories, gas pipeline accessories, medical pipeline accessories that includes vacuum regulators, terminal units, control flowmeter.

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Pipeline Accessories

Terminal Units
We Manufacturers Terminal unit for medical gases , is the product we have the most experiences with it.
Continuous improvements during the years made our terminal units to be among the best on the world nowadays.
Terminal Units
Oxygen (White)
Nitrous Oxide (Blue)
Air (Grey)
Vacuum (Yellow)

Direct Probes
We Manufacture & Exports Direct Probes used in Anaesthetics & gas Pipeline Accessories .
There are four Types of Direct Probes designed by us.

Pipeline adaptor
We provide Pipeline adaptors , which are available in two types. Single pipeline adaptor - Oxygen Twin pipeline adaptor - Oxygen
Making & breaking the supply connection is in the same manner as described under “Self Sealing Valves”

BPC Flowmeter
We are Manufacturers & exporters of BPC Flowmeter , which is strong and reliable BPC flow meter made by imbibing latest technical improvements for a precise measuring of the flow .
It is available in the Following Types.
Bpc flowmeter (X 1)
Brass Chrome
Bpc flowmeter (X 2)
Plastic (X 2)
The unit incorporates a rotary pin valve control to permit adjustment of the flow rate to any desired level between 0 - 15 ltrs/min. Jacketed type shatterproof tubes are fitted on the units The outlet at the bottom of the unit is fitted with a removable nipple. After removing the outlet nipple, a humidifier can be screwed int o the outlet of the flowmeter unit.
Flow accuracy is unaffected by back pressure due to down stream restrictions caused by humidifiers, nebulizers etc.
Brass Chrome Made for discriminating overseas & domestic customers who demand BPC flowmeters made from Brass.
Plastic (X 2) Suitable for two patients, simultaneously from a supply point common to both the beds.

Note : The Twin Pipeline Adaptor shown fitted to the two BPC Flowmeters in the illustr ation is sold separ ately .

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